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2009 - Running Time: 8min

A geek's wife leaves him... which leaves him more time to perfect his teleportation machine!

Dennis Hurley (Mark Shapiro)
Irina Peligrad (Mary Shapiro)
Ken Breese (Sleazy Friend)
Quentin James (Cautious Friend)
Mariko Kanto (Dead Girl)
Abby Hawkins (Panic Girl)
Kevin Hammer (80s Rocker)
Kathleen Rutecki (Clipboard Girl)
Elizabeth Closter (Melissa)

Justin Fielding (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Camera Operator)
Kevin Hammer (Writer, Director of Photography, Editor, Music, Special Effects, Set Design, Sound Design)
Daren Hammer (Writer, Cinematographer, Set Design, Production Assistant)
Kelly Hardebeck (Production Manager)
Dennis Hurley (Writer)
Kathleen Rutecki (Assistant Director)
Rebecca Fielding (Writer)

Special thanks to:
Jeff Pierre and everybody at Comp-Net Solutions, Quincy MA