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The Observer
2008 - Running Time: 60 minutes

Conceived and created in two weeks (7/8/08 - 7/22/08), then subsequently reworked into a Director's Cut, "The Observer" premiered on May 16th, 2009 at Boston Film Night, at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA.

"The Observer" takes you inside the fractured mind and life of Martin -- a lonely man whose world came undone two years ago in a fateful incident at a diner.

Having been spat out by the judicial and mental-health systems, Martin is a lost soul, living inside his own thoughts... thoughts that have grown frustratingly unreliable.

Therapy from the beautiful Riva Markov promises him a path back to the intellectual clarity he prizes above all else.

The film has an intimate, slow-burn feel, as Martin sorts through his clouded recollections, under Riva's sure-handed guidance. Yet, in a single session the questions are shockingly answered, and the healing can commence.

Actor / co-producer / co-writer Dennis Hurley gives a textured and true performance that makes Martin positively indelible.

Masha Banar as Riva proves to be a fascinating "observer" in her own right, with an economy of gesture and an undeniable appeal. She is achingly patient with Martin, but with the probing precision of a Russian chess master.

A cast of colorful characters shows us the world of the diner as Martin remembers it -- and ultimately as it was.

I do hope you'll enjoy the first feature film created by Justin Fielding and Castparty Productions.

Martin - Dennis Hurley
Dr. Riva Markov - Masha Banar
Charles - Christian Anthony

Terence - Ken Breese
Reginald - Alex Hauck
Susan - Cat Miller
Andy - Robert Rivas

Mother - Chris Holliday
Catherine - Autumn Gillette
Claudia - Amanda Hurley
Hunter - Vincent Tranfaglia

Cook - Matthew Carbo
Waitress 1 - Kelly-Jo Roulusonis
Waitress 2 - Rebecca Vinagro

Police Officer - Martin Kraft

Director - Justin Fielding
Producers - Justin Fielding / Dennis Hurley / Seth Howland
Director of Photography - Matt Walczak
Cinematographer - John Koziol
Sound Recording and Music - Kevin Hammer
Special Effects - Matthew Martino
Animation and Visual Effects - Kevin Hammer and Gideon Ansell
Writers - Justin Fielding / Kevin Hammer / Dennis Hurley
Story - Justin Fielding / Rebecca Fielding / Daren Hammer / Kevin Hammer / Dennis Hurley
Editors - Justin Fielding / Rebecca Fielding / John Koziol / Matt Walczak
Production Assistants - Bobby Fielding / Rebecca Fielding

Special Thanks To:
Dave Pulson
Peter Vaillancourt and everyont at Val's Restaurant - North Andover, MA
Bill Walczak
C.E. Wilkinson
Wollaston Congregational Church

Boston Police Department
North Andover Police Department

Kevin Anderton
Mike Finnigan
Nathan Laver
Will Luera and everyone at ImprovBoston
Safa Sadeghpour and everyone at New Film Nation
Chuck Slavin
Neraj Tuli

The iCrew crew!