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Oscar Consideration
2011 - Running Time: 4:44

Nothing goes according to protocol when Uncle Hank gets involved, and yelling "surprise" at a surprise party is way too predictable for his taste.

Director's cut of film made for the 2011 48 Hour Film Project, Boston.

Dennis Hurley - Uncle Hank
Terry Lloyd - Aunt Henrietta
Stephen Londergan - Steve
Mariko Kanto - Choobee
Kevin Hammer - Kevin
Justin Fielding - Justin
Linda Multer - Linda
Alex Hauck - Oscar

Justin Fielding
Writer, Director, Producer, Camera, Editor

Kevin Hammer
Writer, Cinematographer, Sound Recording, Music, Editor

Stephen Londergan
Writer, Assistant Director, Boom Operator

Daren Hammer
Camera, Boom Operator

Dennis Hurley