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Superhero Singles Nite
2005 - Running Time: 7min 02sec

Ever wonder what superheroes do when they're not fighting crime and saving the world?

Kristen Aldrich - Esther
Robert Atterbury - Ray Withers
Matthew Carbo - Sociopath
Orit Ditman - Oysteria
Rob Doane - The Hemped Avenger
Dennis Hurley - The Sand Witch
Christian Anthony - Natanius Wahlberg
David Sawyer - Randall Rewind
John Shaughnessy - J. Withers

Joanne Johnson
Tim Morrissey

Justin Fielding - Producer / Director / Editor
Matt Walczak - Director of Photography / Editor
Kelly Hardebeck - Production Manager
Katia Ruf - Production Manager
Deborah Shea - Production Designer
Jessica Furtado - Editor
Kevin Hammer - Music / Visual Effects
David Hamel - Visual Effects
Joseph Butler - Production Assistant
Casey Boyd - Production Assistant
John Myers - Technical Advisor

The Tribe:
Kristen Aldrich
Matthew Carbo
Douglas Chagnon
Orit Ditman
Rob Doane
Justin Fielding
Daren Hammer
Kevin Hammer
Greg Hill
Dennis Hurley
John Koziol
Christian Kurpiewski
Brian McFadden
David Sawyer
John Shaughnessy
Deborah Shea
Maria Simmons
Nerah Tuli
Matt Walczak
Anton Yakovlev

Special Thanks To:
Noel Perez
And Everybody at Buzz Boston